Sunday, March 17, 2013

She grew up in the country, one hundred and fifty miles away from where she would one day meet him.

He grew up in an equally un-urban place, ninety-one and a half miles away from where he, would finally meet her. But he grew bored, and enrolled in a college, 300 miles from where he would first hear her voice.

She then moved into a small apartment in the city, where she was unknowingly just eight miles from where she would find him.

When his time in school ended and he again found himself bored with his life, he took a job in the city and lived in a terrible apartment, overlooking the expressway. Every time he laid in bed listening to the traffic below, he never knew he was only twelve miles from where he would first see her face.

Then, one day after years of the the universe expanding and contracting, and their proximity from each other shrinking and growing, the distance between them finally reached inches and they met.

In the days that followed, their paths kept crossing, almost intentionally, until they found themselves on the same path. Together.