Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hello, 2015!

I’ve never been one for sticking to those New Years Resolutions you hear most people talk about.  To be honest, I never really hold myself accountable and nobody else can hold me accountable because they don’t know what my goals are.  But before I look forward, let me wrap up 2014 because in a nice bow for you all.

In no particular order, here are some of the high points for 2014:
  • Got my first stamp in my passport- BVI
  • My sister and brother got married.  Not to each other, duh.
  • We put down a deposit on our very first home
  • Learned how to crochet
  • Spent much needed quality time with Mom and sister at the beach

Now looking forward to 2015 I have some pretty big plans
  • We are buying a house and making it a home
  • Go on a vacation
  • Build my blog (which means more blogging)
  • Commit to my yoga practice.  I’ve been attending classes regularly for 18 months but I haven’t committed.  I see all these yogis on Instagram and Facebook talk about their practices and how much it has changed their lives and I want that.  The only way to get there is to commit!  
  • Stick to my budget.  There are things I want to go and do and the way to get there is to stick to the budget.

And finally- work on me.  Talk about a loaded statement.  There is so much that I feel I need to work on.  I really could make a very lengthy list and I’m not very proud of how I am some times so I am definitely going to work on me.  Be more patient.  Talk with a softer heart.  Judge less.  Be more peaceful.  Be less reactive.  Be kinder.  Love more.  

And thats all the “internal” work…..  The external is a whole other ball game.

I’ve always battled with my body image.  I’ve always compared myself to other but that needs to change ASAP.  I always complain but never take the steps to make it all a reality.  The gym just hasn’t been a place that I enjoy but I know that if I don’t change my opinion and thoughts on it, nothing will change.  Not only do I have to show up, I have to put in the physical work and clean up my eating.  All in due time, right??

One of my intentions last year that I am going to roll into this year is possibilities.  I have the tendency to shot myself down before I’ve even really started trying.  I don’t really believe in myself and that has to change.  

What is your intention for the year??

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